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In this case, the research proposes that people must always forgive in order to serve particular functions. Additionally, the study aims at understanding effects of forgiveness especially on counseling…
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Tendency to forgive
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Download file to see previous pages The research was conducted on three studies on individuals who experienced transgressions in relationships that were valued. In one research study, the participants included 11 CITs from different counselor education programs. Most participants were voluntary participants. Women were the most participants and aged between 20 to 69 years.
The last 20 years has seen many advances in psychological forgiveness study. Nevertheless, one important question that most people fail to answer is whom do people forgive? According to studies, forgiveness remains an interpersonal process (Bellah, Bellah, & Johnson, 2003). In this case, it means that forgiveness is usually conceptualized as other loving, altruistic, compassionate and benevolent aspect to transgression. Relationship concerns have always remained integral especially in forgiveness. When forgiveness outcomes are studied, it, therefore, means that relationships quality remains invariable a focus. There is also an early theorizing distinction between reconciliation and forgiveness (Batson, Ahmed, & Tsang, 2002). The main adaptive purpose of forgiveness entails helping individuals in preserving their relationships values. An individual can also deliberate on a third focal point especially when a victim forgives.
Functionality forgiveness has had a long approach throughout history. In this case, functional analysis concludes that people’s attitudes, cognitions, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs exists in order to serve specific ends. Human beings mostly differ especially in engaging with their cognitions and feelings in order to fulfill psychological functions (Bellah, Bellah, & Johnson, 2003). Therefore, forgiveness reflects human desires in doing constructive things about transgression. In reference to functional analysis approach, human beings tend to forgive in order to fulfill specific functions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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