Critically analyse how useful seminal and contemporary individual differences theories can be when making sense of a life event that you have personally experienced - Essay Example

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This essay discusses how the seminal theories are used to explain personal life events. Personality is the individual’s behaviour in relationships with others. Knowing this, I have chosen two…
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Critically analyse how useful seminal and contemporary individual differences theories can be when making sense of a life event that you have personally experienced
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Extract of sample "Critically analyse how useful seminal and contemporary individual differences theories can be when making sense of a life event that you have personally experienced"

Download file to see previous pages In a contemporary way of things, the frustration pulls one down and an individual can lose perspective very easily. It makes me as an individual not think of the situations ahead of me. In this case I end up wasting too much time on things like wondering what went wrong and not accepting I actually failed.
Exam failing is brought by anxiety in an individual. Here the individual takes the situation challenging and feels inefficient for the task. This makes me as a person occupied with self-deprecatory thoughts. In a more realistic way I should be accepting the problem and looking for positive ways of not failing again. The differences in peoples reactions to incidents come with their past experiences and ethnic groups.
Test-anxious behaviour, which leads to frustration is brought to mind when their intellectual and social capabilities are exceeded by demands from the test situation. Worry brought along by frustration always has a cost. Some individuals like myself instead of taking a positive first step to deal with the worry brought by failure, I pre-occupy myself making the situation challenging.
In the exam, failing self –efficacy plays a big role. Self-efficacy is the strength of ones belief in ones own ability to accomplish goals. According to Bandura there are four factors affecting self-efficacy;
While stressed individuals’ exhibit signs of aches or fatigue this alters one’s self-efficacy. It is ones belief in the physiological response that alters self-efficacy, rather than the physiological response itself, (CORSINI, & WEDDING, 2011).
Rogers theory emphasizes the power of the human being to accomplish the unexpected through self-actualization whereas Freud views humans as irrational and driven by the unconscious. In explaining my life event, I would agree more with Rogers’ theory where he emphasizes on the need of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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