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Some of the theories explain the stages of human development while others explain crucial aspects regarding growth. This research paper will provide a…
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Major Theorist
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Download file to see previous pages Born on 4th December 1925 in Mundare, Albert Bandura was the youngest in a family of six children. The community he came from mostly comprised of inhabitants from Ukraine and Poland. Both parents of Albert Bandura had migrated to Canada when they were adolescents. Bandura’s father was from Krakow while the mother came from Ukraine and the two parents did not have any formal education. However, they were concerned about educational achievement and this is why they wanted their son to succeed academically. During his elementary and high school years, Bandura went to a single school, which was the only school in town. He faced many challenges when studying because of the scarcity of resources in the school. Like other students in his school, Bandura was left to learn on his own because of the inadequate learning materials. Despite the many challenges that Bandura faced, he went ahead to become a successful student and emerged as one of the most influential psychologists (Sigelman & Rider, 2011).
Bandura studied at the University of British Columbia, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1949. After graduating from this university, he went ahead to study in the University of Iowa and got a PhD. While in the University, he got a lot of influence from behavioral perspectives. From this perspective, he gained a lot of interest in learning theory, which saw him being involved in research. Since 1953, Bandura has been a professor of psychology at Stanford University where he has taught over the years (Shaffer, 2009).
The social learning theory, which was developed by Bandura, comprises of a combination of the aspects of operating conditioning by B.F Skinner and the traditional learning theory. Based on theory, Albert Bandura suggests that learning can be categorized into several types. The various concepts that guide the social learning theory are three and they include ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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