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What Shapes Our Taste: Social Class or Family - Essay Example

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The author of the essay claims that family is the fundamental unit in shaping people’s taste. In this paper, the writer will discuss the claims that he believes to be the answer of the question ‘who shapes our taste?’…
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Download file to see previous pages My first claim is that ‘mother is the most important factor in the procedure of creating taste?’ My second claim is that ‘each family has different values, thus each family will have a distinct taste’. My third claim is that ‘women show their taste on special occasions’. My last claim is that ‘family’s taste and their social class are not related in terms of the aesthetic of their taste’. Under each of these claims, there will be sub-claims to make my argument stronger. In addition, there will be counter arguments that will refute my argument. What makes my claim unique and important is the disagreement between my belief and that of a major theorist, named as Bourdieu. Bourdieu believes that what shape our taste are our habits and what structures our habits is social class. However, I refute his claim. In my opinion, what shapes people’s taste here in Qatar is family. I am sure that if Bourdieu lived in Qatar he would have a different claim. What makes my argument and paper so important is that I am doing the same work that Bourdieu had been doing in sociology. Before I go further in this paper, I would like to explain what taste is. Taste is about aesthetics i.e. one’s sense of beauty and appreciation of the beauty. So, it is about self-image. However, when taste is related to one’s culture and religion, it related more to appropriateness. Let me now discuss each of claims one by one.Claim 1:In the Qatari Society, the mother is the main factor in the process of shaping her children’s taste:• The mother starts to shape her children’s tasteIn most of the Qatari families, the mother shapes the taste of the kids because when a person is born the closest relationship he/she develops is with his/her mother. Next, when a child’s life journey begins, his/her mother chooses for him/her what to wear and eat and takes care of every small detail that would make the child look pretty, such as, shoes and accessories. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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