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Name And describe 3 types of sleep disorders - Essay Example

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There are three types of sleep disorders which are lack of sleep (insomnia), disturbed sleep (sleep apnea, REM sleep behavior disorder, restless leg syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder), and excessive sleep (narcolepsy). The disorders are defined by medical doctors as…
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Name And describe 3 types of sleep disorders
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"Name And describe 3 types of sleep disorders"

Download file to see previous pages Disturbed sleep occurs when there are some factors that constantly make a sleeping person to wake up. For instance, in case with sleep apnea the sufferer can’t sleep because one’s breathing is interrupted; REM sleep disorder is disruptions during the phase of dreams creation in human brain, so it might happen that a person who is dreaming can suddenly wake up and start acting like being in the dream, for example, running or talking etc.; restless legs syndrome is when a person wakes up because one’s legs start moving.
Excessive sleep disorders happen when people have problems with weakness, accidental falling asleep or such disruptions of sleep like sleep paralysis (inability to move the body when waking up or falling asleep) and hypnagogic hallucinations (dream-like hallucinating). Narcolepsy is one of the most serious disorders because people who suffer from it can suddenly fall asleep whatsoever. The last kind of such disorders is cataplexy which is a weakness of the muscles. The three kinds of sleep disorders are extremely uncomfortable and disturb normal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Name And Describe 3 Types of Sleep Disorders Essay - 1.
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Sleep Disorders
(Cherry, 2011) mentions that stage 1 characterizes the beginning of sleep in which one drifts in and out of sleep, while the muscle activity gradually slows down. Stage 2 refers to the stage in which the eye movement altogether stops and brain waves get slower, while there may occur an occasional burst of hurried brain waves.
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Sleep Disorders Essay
For instance, studies indicate that roughly one third of the population in India sleeps where they are standing when it is time to sleep. In Europe, a large segment of elderly people develops sleep disorders including sleep apnoea and insomnia, which are more frequent (Shapiro & Dement, 1993).
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Sleep Deprivation, Disorders, and Drugs
Sleep Deprivation, Disorders, and Drugs Introduction There are two theories for sleep: recuperation theories of sleep and circadian theories of sleep (Pinel, 2009). Recuperation theories explain why people need sleep, while circadian theories explain when we need to sleep (Pinel, 2009).
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Narcolepsy and sleep disorders
Sleep would be accompanied by slowing down cellular activity in the brain and would progress rhythmically from light to deep and finally dream or REM sleep (Kalat, 2013). With this progression, the body muscles would gradually relax, eventually becoming paralyzed in the deep sleep stage.
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There are states of partial consciousness which can be revoked by stimulation. A person spends about one-third of his life whilst sleeping. Sleep is significant for every person because it recharges his body and mind. It makes him fresh because it is a crucial ingredient that goes into delivering work regimes on an out and out basis.
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Camparison of three psychological disorders
The three mental illnesses mentioned Non melancholic Depression, Anxiety, Trauma Post-traumatic Stress are physiological symptoms which are characterized by the changes in the cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning of the person. The three conditions mentioned above have their origin in the mental states which adversely impacts the functioning of the organism and the physiological performance of the individual.
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Numerous body functions involve specific rhythms or cycles known as biorhythms. The need to sleep is a human body want. This need is regulated by the brain circadian pacemaker. The circadian pacemaker is
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Are there differences in the types of dreams that occur at different times & Describe how sleep changes during the course of one night
Stage 1 sleep, also known as drowsiness, is normally described as first in the series, particularly in models where waking is not
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Sleep-Wake Disorders
Some of the syndrome of sleep-wake can create adverse impact on human beings both physically and mentally. The occurrence of sleep-wake disorder is not only a risk factor for the progress of mental conditions but also a possible cautionary
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Name And describe 3 types of sleep disorders
The article examines three sleep disorders. It is one of the most common complaints associated with sleep. It is characterized by difficulty in falling asleep, trouble staying asleep all night, poor sleep, feeling too tired in the morning and waking
1 Pages(250 words)Essay
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