Compare and contrast the client-centered (Rogerian) model of counselling with the Gestalt model of counselling. How do you understand the similarities and the differences between them - Essay Example

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Aims and principles of these two therapies are quite similar. They both believe in human potential for growth and self-actualisation. They both help…
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Compare and contrast the client-centered (Rogerian) model of counselling with the Gestalt model of counselling. How do you understand the similarities and the differences between them
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"Compare and contrast the client-centered (Rogerian) model of counselling with the Gestalt model of counselling. How do you understand the similarities and the differences between them"

Download file to see previous pages However, there is no sense to look for roots of their problems in the past. Person-oriented therapy does not focus on the roots of problems as well.
Person-oriented therapy is suitable for those who lack communication and attention of other people. Client occupies active position in the course of person-oriented therapy sessions. Therapist’s task is to provide guidance and show sympathy. Relationships between therapist and client may sometimes predetermine eventual result of the therapy. The role of these relationships in Gestalt therapy is important as well. That is one of the similar features of both models of counselling.
Each therapy has its own strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes it is appropriate to combine techniques and principles of both of them. For example, such an alliance proved its efficiency while working with people suffering low self-esteem. However, there is a number of cases when only one approach may be applied.
Both client-centered and Gestalt models of counselling are practiced worldwide. Sometimes it is possible to hear a statement that these two therapies are rather different. However, detailed analysis of these two approaches gives a reason to consider this statement doubtful. It is possible to observe many similarities between them. The aim of the first part of this paper is to give general outline of each approach. Its second part compares and contrasts these two therapies. It is also shown how they may form an alliance. Finally, the third part shows in what cases both therapies may be applied.
 The client-centered therapy was elaborated by Carl Rogers, an American psychologist, in 1951. Its founder preferred to call his approach as “client-oriented” in order to emphasise the role of a client in the course of therapy (Rogers, 1976). In other words, the client is considered to be free to speak about anything he or she wants. The role of client is now equal to the one of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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