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The research paper "The move towards the Integration in counseling" describes counseling and different theories of it. This paper outlines reasons for integration in counseling, implementation of integrative approaches, and tensions and contradictions in certain theories…
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The Move towards The Integration in Counseling
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Download file to see previous pages They have also realized that there are a number of commonalities between these approaches and it would, therefore, be favorable to incorporate them all into one integrative approach. (Lees, 2004) Counselors are also embracing integration due to the fact that the therapeutic relationship has taken greater precedence today than in the past. This is because now counselors are now operating in such a manner that they have their own style of therapy. These days, the latter group have made a move towards creating something that is unique to their own counseling approach. This premise is based on the research recognition of why this kind of methodology is relevant to them.
Workplace demands have evolved recently. This is because most of the time there is a need to work under stringent conditions of time and money. Consequently, counselors have found that they need to look for ways in which they can accommodate some of these rising demands thus causing them to result in more innovative methods of handling it. In other words, sticking to a counselor's primary model could result in very poor results thus leading to low-performance levels.
On top of the latter issues, the move towards integration in counseling has been largely favored by evidence-based approaches. It has been found that utilizing a collection of techniques and approaches has been more effective than approaching the problem only from one particular perspective. This is because each and every individual case has its own unique needs. Clients' problems may require a specific range of interventions in order to meet all these needs and hence necessitating the need for an integrative approach. (Fear & Woolfe, 2000) Lastly, many counselors have embraced the issue of integration because there are always new models and theories being developed in the field. This means that they are in such a position where they are spoilt for choice. Instead of dropping one approach in favor of another, therapists have opted to embrace numerous approaches so that they can bring something unique to the table. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Integration in Counselling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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