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An intervention to reduce stress - Lab Report Example

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In as much as we are just about to look into ways we can intervene to help most of our medical staffs working in the cancer wards, it is good to know what stress is, what the major causes are, and if there are any measures that can be put to enable our staffs cope when attending…
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An intervention to reduce stress
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Download file to see previous pages It acts as a defense mechanism (Kugelmann, 992).
If stress levels overwhelm the protection level, as in if it reaches a point one is unable to react normally, then that is when one is said to be stressed. This means that when the demands set by a given environment exceed the individual ability to cope, one is said to be stressed and tends to portray some funny feelings to themselves or people around. Some of the major signs and symptoms are, one feels angry or gets agitated, this makes one emotional, depression sets in when one tends to overreact on small issues or withdraws away from people, others get paralyzed to an extent that they are unable to do anything for themselves.
Studies done by (Yunyan and Lamberth, 2006) show that nurses working in the Intensive Care Unit the cancer area are likely to get high levels of stress, because their daily job entails stressful conditions. It is clear that nurses in all areas of the hospital, spend most of the time with patients and through this, they are taken to be their caregivers and advocates. This gives a clear answer as to why; it is the most affected group in the health care team. And most of them are likely to get stressed when caring for the patient with illnesses and the needs become complex, the idea that the nurses get continually exposed to critical lives and keep on seeing deaths. Also, the idea of interacting with relatives and significant others who in some, they are already depressed or lost hope. This tends to de motivate the nurse who in turn gets stressed.
If one is exposed to such circumstances, they are likely to get stressful conditions which will impact negatively in their lives, which will spread to affect the physical and mental aspects of the health worker (Lazarus & folk man).
With the mentioned problems, nurses especially those working in the cancer ward need to be able to cope with such situations both physically and psychologically. And ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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