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Effect of mindfullness technique - Dissertation Example

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Abstract Amidst a raging sea of prescription drugs, chemotherapies, and clinical trials, most cancer patients are tired and overwhelmed. A need for relief outside of pill bottles and doctor’s offices has drawn many to meditation techniques. The meditation technique of mindfulness based intervention provides cancer patients with relief from stress, fatigue, and other discomforts associated with the disease…
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Effect of mindfullness technique
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Download file to see previous pages The objectives of this study include identification of the significance and drawbacks of the mindfulness technique. Also, it will examine the degree to which mindfulness is used and compare stress and fatigue management progress with and without it. The research method uses both qualitative and quantitative analysis, specifically narrative and thematic based upon secondary research sources. The results will provide greater insight of the mindfulness technique, including its effectiveness and range of use. After an interpretation of the research results, a conclusion based upon the objectives is provided. Table of Contents PAGE ABSTRACT 1 LIST OF TABLES 3 LIST OF FIGURES 4 CHAPTERS CHAPTER 1 – Introduction 5 1.2 Background/Justification of the Study 1.2.1 Cancer Symptoms 1.2.2 Need to Reduce Stress and Fatigue in Cancer Patients 1.2.3 Mindfulness of Cancer 1.2.4 Mindfulness Background and Justification of the Study 1.3 Aim of the Study 1.4 Formulation of the Question CHAPTER 2 – Research Methodology 16 2.1 Research Protocol 2.2 Eligibility Criteria 2.3 Search 2.4 Study Selection 2.5 Information Sources, Data Collection, and Data Items 2.6 Risk of Bias 2.7 Summary of Measures and Synthesis Results CHAPTER 3 – Findings and Results 26 3.1 Study Selection (Flow Diagram) CHAPTER 4 – Discussion 39 4.1 Limitation 4.2 Conclusion 4.3 Recommendation Bibliography 46 List of Tables Table x-1 Results and Synthesis Table x-2 Theme Results List of Figures Figure x-1 Forest Plot, RCTs Figure x-2 Presentation of Study Numbers Effect of Mindfulness Technique on Stress and Fatigue Reduction in Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 1. INTRODUCTION While considering the study on the effect of mindfulness techniques on stress and fatigue reduction in cancer patients, it is necessary to have a brief overview on the use of mindfulness techniques in cancer patients. Mindfulness-based stress reduction is a process that involves techniques of meditation (Folkman, 2010). Medical uses of the technique date back to 1979 with the ‘integration of Buddhist mindfulness meditation with contemporary clinical and psychological practice’ (Chiesa and Serretti, 2009). The technique primarily involves a specific form of awareness being developed (Strosahl, 2011), illustrated by accommodating responsiveness, frankness, inquisitiveness, and recognition of internal and external experiences of the present times that permits “practitioners to act more reflectively rather than impulsively” (Chiesa and Serretti, 2009). Extensive research has been conducted in order to study the effects of mindfulness on stress reduction. The process is a combination of meditation and yoga (Bose, 2011). When mindfulness meditation is concerned, it involves providing close consideration to experiences of the mind and body (Lambert, 2013). Studies have found several benefits of the technique that includes reduction in disturbances of the mood of an individual, stress reduction, improvement in quality of sleep, fatigue reduction, as well as controlled blood pressure (Lyman, 2009). Thus the use of this technique for stress and fatigue reduction in cancer patients have also become highly popular and considered as a common practice among other treatments and practices. Mindfulness allows individuals to experience things just as they are (Brantley, 2007). It allows the individuals, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effect of Mindfullness Technique Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 10000 Words.
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