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Biopsychology Lab Report (eeg experiment) - Essay Example

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This is the field that deals with application of neurobiology to the study of the physiological, genetic, and developmental mechanisms of behavior in…
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Biopsychology Lab Report (eeg experiment)
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Download file to see previous pages In light of this fact, it has also been noted that one, more often the left hemisphere is dominant (left hemisphere in about 95% of right handed individuals and 60% of left handed individuals). Furthermore, the left hemisphere takes charge of logical processes and language (S. Knecht, 2000) (Speech, song, and writing), and the right controls perception of rhythm, spatial-relation skills, and abstract or intuitive thought as well as emotion (though abstract). These functions have trivially been tagged as feminine.
It has also been long known that specific areas of the brain in the dominant hemisphere handle specific tasks. They have been subdivided into ‘areas 1-51’ according to Brodmann’s classification (Brodmanns map of cytoarchitectonics). An example is the
There are varying results however, especially concerning the left-brain and right-brain hemisphere activation. Concerning this, more relevant studies are necessary to ensure confirmation of the appropriate findings.
The purpose of this research was to establish whether there actually exists a difference in the functional organization of the brain for language and visual spatial tasks between males and females. The research design was mixed. The sampling method was random with the following layout; Males and hemisphere differences:
The results of the study support the idea that males may have left lateralized dominance over their female counterparts, and females may have that level of dominance particularly somewhere in the right hemisphere of the brain. This further suggests that Verbal and visuospatial abilities are believed to be typically sub-served by different cerebral hemispheres: the left hemisphere for the former and the right hemisphere for the latter (Andrew J.O. Whitehouse., 2009) which could be due to lateralization or specialized function of each hemisphere.
There are many things to understand about how the human brain works or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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