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There is a pattern that describes their gender codes, unveiling stereotypes that men and women are perceived to hold. Similarly to Goffman’s…
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Codes of Gender Assignment
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s of Gender Looking at today’s advertisements, it is evident that the depiction of masculinity and femininity isbased on certain cultural norms. There is a pattern that describes their gender codes, unveiling stereotypes that men and women are perceived to hold. Similarly to Goffman’s analysis of the commercial landscape, advertisements seem to communicate certain normative ideas about femininity and masculinity. Even though the male figure is perceived to be above the female one, they are both depicted as sex objects as advertisers seem to pay more attention to their sexual appeal rather than their personality and the advertised product. According to commercial realism as explored by Goffman, gender is just an invention of socialization (Riggins 278). The male and female models used in these ads are seen portraying stereotypical gender roles that are evidently spotted from their poses.
Men are portrayed as physically fit, confident and powerful. This is seen from their poses whereby they show mean or serious facial expressions, alertness, stand upright showing off their muscular bodies, pocketing their hands, and gripping things around them tightly with their hands. On the other hand, women are depicted are powerless, submissive, and delicate. Most of their poses are seductive whereby they are seen caressing their skin, lying on the floor or bed showing off their cleavage, slightly closing their eyes, and at times confused, playful, vulnerable and not alert. By wearing doll-like outfits, smoothly touching their skin or objects around them, and posing as confused and un-alert, women depict the family, feminine touch, and licensed withdrawal gender codes, respectively. Additionally, ritualization of coordination code is depicted by the act of women presenting themselves as submissive to men.
Work Cited
Riggins, Stephen H. Beyond Goffman: Studies on Communication, Institution, and Social
Interaction. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 1990. Print. Read More
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