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Core Values Developing Life Purpose - Essay Example

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The author argues in a well-organized manner that core values refer to the natural aspects of people’s lives that enable them to realize their purpose on earth. These values have produced enormous changes in the way people interact with one another (Brown, 2004)…
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Core Values Developing Life Purpose
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Extract of sample "Core Values Developing Life Purpose"

Download file to see previous pages Leadership refers mainly to the process of social influence whereby one person can enlist the support and aid of others in the completion of a common task. According to Brown (2004), leadership is a core value because it inspires greater levels of teamwork, as there are certain things that others do not know how to do, but a leader can assist them. Leadership enables me to lead others in the correct path of life as I can influence others correctly.
The term work has numerous meanings with regards to the field that uses the word such as physics. However, work, in the field of core values, is carrying out a task successfully (Brown, 2004). I consider working an extremely essential value as it is even quoted in the bible "man should not eat before they work". Therefore, people should work to get want they want in life as this applies to me. People around me do not see me as a lazy person as I like getting everything successfully completed.
Faith, on the other hand, refers to the things the belief in God and the things, which He has given up to bring hope in life (Brown, 2004). Everybody, in this world, has faith in something, but, for Christians, faith is to believe in their sole creator. It offers people perseverance, and; therefore, should be regarded as a core value. Faith has made me a patient person, in life, knowing that, even though the thickest of times, my future will still be okay.
Prayer refers to an invocation, which seeks to arouse a rapport between people and God. Prayers, to God, are done in plentiful ways, but the essence of the act is to bring people closer to their creator (Brown, 2004). Prayers, just like faith, teach people to be patient and know the right ways of asking for things. Prayers have enabled me to grow closer to my creator. Knowing the essence of praying, I have been able to encourage a lot of people to pray when they are facing challenging times. They return to me, in the future to say that God has answered their prayers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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