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Role of the US in the Vietnam War - Assignment Example

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The paper “Role of the US in the Vietnam War” entails the different global activities with which various organizations get themselves involved in international business. The author has researched on AEGON as a global institution that operates in the global business and conducted my research on it…
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Role of the US in the Vietnam War
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Extract of sample "Role of the US in the Vietnam War"

Download file to see previous pages Apart from the qualitative methods of data collection named above, other quantities methods of data collection such as experiments and conducting surveys got used. Among the findings was that the organization has sought to improve personal and community development in different aspects as well as growing and developing worldwide.
Some organizations, including learning and non-learning institutions, profitable and nonprofitable firm, have sought the need to expand globally in their fields of service provision. Other groups have realized the importance of developing in their service provision as well as introducing new ventures that can drive them in the realization of their set goals and objectives. Some have employed business experts to carry out researches on various available business opportunities around the world that they can venture in, with the primary goal of profit realization. In the process of exploring the different available business opportunities, some firms have sought to generate incomes and later use them for community development, personal development as well as the improving the general welfare of the society. To realize these, some organizations and other institutions have employed some strategies such as blueprint strategy, online marketing, product differentiation and improving product qualities among others. In this research paper, I am going to look at the AEGON organization, as a global firm that is seeking to realize its goals of global expansion and international business. I am going to see the growth of the organization, its international business, as well as the marketing strategies used by the institution in meeting the needs in various international markets.
This organization is one of the top global organizations in the financial industry, offering financial services such as the provision of life assurance, pensions to the retired employees and management of various assets.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Vietnam War the gulf of Tonkin in 1964. President Johnson retaliated by ordering air strikes on North Vietnamese naval bases. These served to increase attacks by the Viet Cong on the US personnel and their bases. In the beginning of 1965, eight Americans were killed and 106 wounded in an attack on the American base at Pleiku. In retaliation, Johnson ordered a series of strikes by naval carriers on North Vietnam. These strikes, codenamed Flaming Dart, were the beginning of the escalation of America’s role in the war. Realizing that the South Vietnamese army (ARVN) was unable to cope with the guerrilla tactics of the Viet Cong, America launched a series of bombing attacks on...
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...? In the Vietnam War, the US was unable to understand what a revolutionary war was and that was the reason why US strategies failed painfully in gaining victory (Vickers, 1993, p.126). The people of Vietnam and the country’s leadership were so full of revolutionary fervor that they were mentally unbeatable. That was why they could persevere the prolonged attacks of a very powerful enemy. Another factor that the US rulers failed to understand was that “third world governments seeking US assistance against insurgencies frequently are governed by elites benefiting from social inequality and the exploitation...
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...? Vietnam War Vietnam War The Vietnam War is one of the Cold Wars that occurred in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam between November 1955 and April1975. It occurred after First Indochina War between the government of South Vietnam backed up by the United States and other anti-communist nations, and the government of North Vietnam supported by communist allies. This paper describes the origins and the developments of the Vietnam Wars in relation to the Domino theory that was common during 1950s and 1980s. Domino Theory This...
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...because it has been disregarded by all presidents since its enactment. The U.S. military has been used for wars, both popular and unpopular, as well as for numerous humanitarian ventures worldwide. America is certainly by default the world’s policeman whether it wants this designation or not. However, when the U.S. gets involved in unnecessary wars on foreign lands, such as in Vietnam, it loses political and economic capital both nationally and internationally. The American people and the world learned a pronounced and poignant lesson from the Vietnam War but this lesson has been forgotten or ignored which has imperiled American stature...
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Vietnam War not suitable guerrilla fighter for Asian forests and junglesthere would be [the] ever present question of how foreign soldier[s] would distinguish between a [Viet Cong] and a friendly Vietnamese farmer. When I view this array of difficulties, I am convinced that we should adhere to our past policy of keeping ground forces out of direct counterinsurgency role (Young, 139). Between 1965 and 1967, the United States military strategy in Vietnam had two major facets. The first involved strategic bombing of North Vietnam, and the second involved killing more Viet Cong and North Vietnamese regulars fighting in South Vietnam than could be replaced by new communist troops...
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...Senior Thesis Us and Vietnam War Dr. Tamara King By: Nicolas Missouri Valley College Semester: Fall, 2005 Outline It has been three decades since America's war in Vietnam ended with the Paris Agreement and Protocols on Ending the War and Restoring the Peace in Vietnam (Berman 1982). Signed at the International Conference Center in Paris on January 27, 1973, the agreement served as little more than a protocol for the return of American prisoners of war and military disengagement. By the terms of the deal, over 150,000 North Vietnamese troops remained in the South, whereas the United States, over the...
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...the war was obviously political. He rushed to take credit for victories and deflect blame. He boasted that the soldiers couldn’t hit an outhouse without his permission, and he took an active role in planning. But in the end, the ROE was a political tool for him. He was concerned mainly with conducting the war so that the American people approved. References Lewy, G. 1978. America in Vietnam. (Oxford: Oxford University Press). Weider History Group. 2006. “Air Force Colonel Jacksel Jack Broughton & Air Force General John D. Jack Lavelle: Testing the Rules of Engagement During the Vietnam War” Retrieved from...
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...Vietnam War What were the most important factors, according to Johnson, that led to the withdrawal? The first factor was the poor leadership and decision making techniques exhibited by the two presidents who fore so the war: Kennedy and Lyndon. They both put in more money and soldiers into the war that the Americans were clearly losing. The most important factor that led to the withdrawal was the immense deaths of the American soldiers. These deaths saw complaints and disgruntlement from the American people and so of the future leaders in the US and the pressure led to the withdrawal and end of the war. There was also the fact that...
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... Analysis of “The Battle of Khe Sanh” The Battle of the Khe Sanh is one of the most important events in the history of Vietnam. The war was set in the Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam from January to July of 1968 during the Vietnam War. It was the most deadly, lengthy and controversial combat of the Vietnam War wherein the North Vietnamese Armies set oppositions against the US Marines and their associates. In battle with indistinct enemies and unusual battle lines, the number of dead bodies and figures turned out as revealing signs of triumph. The Battle of the Khe Sanh is never chronicled in O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried”, but the author illustrates the base that Kiley used to be at in “The Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong... including...
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...of cooperation between the U.S government with her citizens in the middle of the war with a determined and organized opponent led to the inevitable defeat to America. The American citizens played a central role in the Vietnam War. It is during the war in Vietnam that America saw the greatest antiwar movements. The work of Howard Zinn, Zinn views the war in Vietnam in terms of failure and success. On one hand, Howard Zinn asserts that the American government failed and it was a victory both to the nationalists in Vietnam as well as the American Citizens who were opposed to the...
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