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Explain what the role of education would be in your ideal society - Essay Example

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Title Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Introduction The history of education dates to as early as 1770. The value of education is definitely indispensable. Education has continued to be advocated for since the earliest of times, including the time of Plato and his student Aristotle (Bruner, 1996)…
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Explain what the role of education would be in your ideal society
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Explain what the role of education would be in your ideal society

Download file to see previous pages... It also helps develop reasoning powers, judgement and prepares one intellectually for mature life (Ornstein, 2013). The definitions demonstrate that there is learning involved, that education is a process centered towards making an individual’s life better. Education takes different forms, informal education, formal education and the now widely spreading e-learning. Irrespective of the form, the outcomes are more or less the same (Collier, 1998). The importance and value of education in many countries and governments is being emphasized, and as a result, some of the countries have their constitutions providing for ‘Right for education (Bruner, 1996). Education dictates a large part of what we do, how we think, the decisions we make and how we relate with others. Most countries have the same four levels of education, kindergarten /nursery level, primary education, secondary education and higher/tertiary education for the adolescent and teenage years (Cossin, 1997). Social purposes of education Research shows that education has a great role in shaping the person that one is, and the person that one will become (Goodland and MacMannon, 1997). It has many and important social purposes as seen herein. It helps in developing, enhancing and completing the socialization process. Parents and guardians now rely and expect the school to complete this process for their children. Young children spend most of their time with their teachers, and at the learning institution, the socialization process is enhanced. The child learns to relate with fellow people, learns basic respect actions like salutations, excusing themselves among others. Children learn how to live and relate with others in school (Nikollakoki 1997). Education helps get rid of negative attitudes and behaviors acquired during the early age. A child who comes from a family where parents raise their voices on each other, or where the father abuses the mother, or where honesty has not been instilled is most likely to have learned some of these behaviors. Education however, is a correction tool, it will help correct this wayward child and teach them the good values instead (Cossin, 1997). Education develops the personality of a person. Children with low self esteem are taught to believe in themselves and made aware that they have power to be who they want (Barnett, 1991). In addition, education has a social purpose of training in skills (Lewis, 2011). Schools that offer practical classes like cooking classes, carpentry, art and acting helps in growing the talents of students. These skills, when perfectly developed are important in building careers. Another social function of education is to pass on culture (Collier, 1998). Culture refers to peoples beliefs, way of life, practices, values and tradition. In whichever form of education adopted, the culture of a particular people is taught. This is done through music, art, literature, drama and oral recitations. Education strengthens and acts as a unifying factor. People are taught how to live with people who have different cultures and beliefs. This way, it promotes peaceful coexistence, which is one of the core values of any society (Acar, 2011). Education has a role of conferring status in different people. Usually, a person with higher education studies is treated different from a primary school person. The higher degree of learning commands more respect. Related to this is the aspect of job placement. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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