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This essay " Why Steve Jobs Was Not A Leader" discusses various factors such as vision, risk-taking, sensitivity, and other behavior that a leader exhibited. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, passes as a visionary leader due to his innovative ideas…
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Why Steve Jobs Was Not A Leader
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 For Steve Jobs, personal achievements governed the leadership approach that he used. Unlike billionaires like Bill Gates who contribute to numerous charities, Jobs did not have a history of contributing to any charity. In effect, this implies that Jobs looked down on his followers. In addition, Jobs is described as a man who would take credit of other people’s ideas, obsessively controlling, and a tyrant (Williams). This description does not fit a leader who is sensitive to his followers.

Finally, Steve Jobs extolled some other behavior that does not qualify him to be an outstanding leader. In this regard, Williams noted that Jobs denied his first daughter paternity in order for his daughter to live on welfare, which is despite his billionaire status. In effect, this indicates that Steve Jobs did not value people more than he valued his money. Simply put, Jobs did not value any other thing in life, but the drive to see his profits and the company’s portfolio grow guided his operations, which are not characteristics of an exemplary leader. Read More
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