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Steve Jobs - A Biographical Discussion of What Made This Business Leader Unique - Essay Example

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This paper under the headline "Steve Jobs - A Biographical Discussion of What Made This Business Leader Unique" focuses on the fact that understanding what defines a successful individual has been a tempting question for many individuals throughout the course of history. …
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Steve Jobs - A Biographical Discussion of What Made This Business Leader Unique
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Extract of sample "Steve Jobs - A Biographical Discussion of What Made This Business Leader Unique"

Download file to see previous pages One particular determinant that set apart those who would be successful from those who do not have to do with the fact that the successful individual will not understand adversity or hardship as sufficient discouragement for them to continue to pursue their goals and expect their dreams within the world. Although there are of course many individuals that could be utilized as an example of this, this particular essay will focus upon the biography of Steve Jobs as a prime case in point for the individual who faced a litany of defining moments within his life; yet never gave in to the pressures that might have discouraged a lesser individual. Through such a discussion, it is not only the hope of this particular student that the reader can gain a more informed understanding with respect to the biography of Steve Jobs, but is also the hope and expectation seek to understand what separates the successful individuals in the world from those that appear to be equally as brilliant.

Unlike the many individuals within the current model of education that are encouraged towards conformity, perhaps one of the single most important turning points with respect to Steve Jobs has to do with the fact that he opted to pursue his passions rather than fulfilling a mundane and otherwise “fruitless” college degree. This may come as something of an unorthodox approach. However, the fact of the matter was that by ignoring the core curriculum the colleges typically require as a means of fulfilling a broad spectrum of education, Jobs was instead able to focus his energies on those aspects of the world that intrigued him, and follow his passion. Because of this freedom to pursue his passions and develop in an unimpeded way, many biographers have pointed to this as a fundamental motivation for the way in which Jobs developed as a human being and how the Apple brand soon came to be such a dominant force in the realm of personal electronics.

Left with the ability to audit classes and study typeface, art, and computer graphics, Jobs utilized this instrumental period in his life to form the basis for the way in which a new approach to personal computing would be had.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Steve Jobs - A Biographical Discussion of What Made This Business Lead Essay.
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