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Case of Anna O - Essay Example

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has been particularly common, and it became one of the most significant developments to psychological understanding. This paper discusses Freud and Jung’s perspectives in the case of Ana O., and her treatment in relevance to their applied…
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Case of Anna O
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Download file to see previous pages 79). He metamorphosed the term hysteria into conversion as he believed that the latter manifests the so-called “glove anesthesia” (Diamond, 2012). According to this concept, the nature of the unconscious people is that they are stored with repressed memories particular to their own (Carducci, 2009, p. 136); thus, calling the connection of the current emotion and the past event as an insight (Barlow & Durand, 2012, p. 15).
Moreover, Jung also believed that the nature of unconscious is that people are stored with past events that are certain to their own – identical to Freud’s notion, but Jung has supplemented that these events may come from the previous generations (Carducci, 2009, p. 136). Jung added the notion of complex (Daimon, 2003, p. 39), which is an accumulation of thoughts, feelings, behavior, and memories that core on a certain idea which result in an outburst of emotions (Jung, 1934, 1960, 1954, 1959, as cited in Carducci, 2009, p. 136).
Each one of them would have a slight similarity in the treatment of Anna O. knowing that Freud believed that people are stored with certain events particular to their own – similar to Jung’s notion (Carducci, 2009, p. 136). Anna O. would be seen as someone who had totally changed, but Freud and Jung did not view it as unusual as it was just triggered by the unconscious mind. Anna O. might experience an intervention during her treatment by regular transition of her behavior, but both of the psychologists said it was just the result of her unconscious mind. Such interventions would also be pertaining to false pregnancy, as a result of sexual element that is referring to a case of hysteria and alteration of language, which is an accumulated event from the past ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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