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The essay under the title "The Science of Behavior" demonstrates that analogies are arguments aimed at proving the accurate similarity between two very factors. However, the factors should have at least one significant similarity (Carlson & Heth, 2009)…
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The Science of Behavior
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This can consequently argue the assumption that for a life to be created on earth, it must be supplied with water and air to survive.
Inductive arguments operate in a similar approach when it comes to analogies. For example, an analogy created between trains moving in the same direction can be assumed that they have a similar destination through an inductive argument (Carlson & Heth, 2009). As much as this assumption is not proven, the inductive argument may justify the argument by assuming if the trains were going to different destinations they would use different routes. According to Carlson & Heth (2009), the relationship between analogies and inductive arguments is based on probability and similar relationships.
Another clear example of an analogy is the inheritance of genes in a family. An analogy may argue that a child may acquire diabetes if their father has diabetes. An inductive argument may further argue that a child born in a family that a father has diabetes must have acquired the disease. In an argument by Carlson & Heth (2009) an inductive argument only tires to justify an assumption created by an analogy. Read More
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