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Review on the Four Stages of the Career Model - Article Example

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The model starts out with stage one where the individual is new to the organisation and is willing to accept help and requires supervision. In this stage the…
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Article Review on the Four Stages of the Career Model
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Download file to see previous pages In addition for this stage the individual has to demonstrate his technical prowess and has to have an established credibility for good work. However, the employee is still not independent and must rely on senior supervision for a greater scope of work than for the previous stage. This stage expects the individual to build better relationships with co-workers and to derive resources on the employee’s own ability to get work done.
The third stage sees the individual develop into more of a leader than a follower. The individual begins to display deep understanding and insight for business or other technical issues. At this stage the individual tends to influence and stimulate other workers through his ideas and actions. Additionally the individual has better developed linkages within the organisation and within the industry as a whole. The individual at this stage is typically tasked to deal with outside groups on behalf of the internal group members. The interaction groups could be broadly classified as clients, industrial contacts and upper management. Moving through this stage takes the individual to the last stage of the model where he is expected to be a leader. Being a leader, the individual provides direction to the organisation through the exercise of provided power. The individual is also responsible at this stage for using organisational tools to achieve organisational goals and objectives. The individual at the last stage also tends to represent the internal and external facets of the entire ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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