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Guidelines for Individual Developmental Plan: Self Awareness and Cross Culture - Article Example

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This paper stresses that there has been a lot of debate pertaining to the cultural differences among people. Due to globalization and migration of people, a lot of countries have now undergone multiculturalism. The United States is considered as a highly multi-cultured country…
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Guidelines for Individual Developmental Plan: Self Awareness and Cross Culture
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Extract of sample "Guidelines for Individual Developmental Plan: Self Awareness and Cross Culture"

Download file to see previous pages The reporter outlines that "I did my graduation in Saudi Arabia and then moved to Canada in 2009. I started my MBA in Canada and now, after three months I will be completing my MBA as well. The cultures of Saudi Arabia and Canada are very different from each other and therefore I had to do a lot of struggle to get acquainted with the culture of Canada.
Having diversified cultures, background, and religion, both the countries are very different from each other. There isn’t a single commonality between both of these countries and in fact both of them are opposite of each other for instance, the culture of Saudi Arabia can come under the head of High Power Distance culture, where there is high consideration about manipulation, social role etc whereas culture of Canada can be considered as low Power Distance Culture because of increased level of multiculturalism.
As per my opinion, I have observed that Canadian people consider Saudis as more conservative and narrow-minded whereas Saudis consider Canadians as broad-minded and modest. The reason for this perspective is the widespread norms, values, and standards of the cultures of both the countries. As per my observation, the differences which persist between the mentality of the people of both the countries are due to this reason. Despite that, if people learn to value the differences, then there wouldn’t be any problem in understanding and adjusting to each other’s culture. I put forward this strategy because I myself have also adopted this criterion and got succeed in accepting and adapting the Canadian culture." ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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