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The paper "Effective Note Taking" highlights that all notes should be skimmed and analyzed first before being placed in synthesis with the research content. Only until one’s notes have been sorted, the relevant notes can be then placed in the research paper…
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Effective Note Taking
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Extract of sample "Effective Note Taking"

In doing research projects, it is very important to take pertinent notes that would be very helpful towards the work at hand. Taking down notes will help in storing valuable insights and details of the information that could further support the research work. In any way, note-taking should be seen as an important habit to cultivate when doing any form of research work. It is always good to keep a pen and paper around when gathering information from various sources. In any form of research work, having any form of writing materials is always helpful. Quick or sudden insights and realizations that may have been experienced on the moment might add more important supporting information in one’s research content.
Sometimes, the personal insights of the researcher would prove to have a very valuable point of view. Any bit of data or information related to the topic would be of much aid to the research.
Taking down a whole lot of notes may be helpful, but it is also important to analyze one’s findings. Not all personal insights may prove to be helpful enough towards the research work.  Read More
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Effective Note Taking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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