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Linguistics Discourse Analysis - Essay Example

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Language is a primary necessity of any human being as effective communication is an inevitable part of life. All the languages have more than one form of communication, especially in the writing form. Prose, poetry, drama, novel and so many others have already been acclaimed as genres in English and any other language…
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Linguistics Discourse Analysis
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Extract of sample "Linguistics Discourse Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The following pages are an analysis of note-taking as a genre. The method used for the study is secondary literature analysis. The books for reference have been obtained from local libraries and online libraries. The text used for the analysis of the genre has been provided in the work.
Lecture notes are an important part of education. It is not always possible to obtain printed or written notes in the class room. Also, a lecture shall comprise of many pertinent points on the topic taken. It would be fine if the student is able to write it all down very soon, even if it is impossible most of the time and recording the lecture cannot be done always. Therefore, all that can be done is to break down the points and reproduce them in an understandable way on the paper. The systematic method of breaking the lecture into points and writing them down as codes which shall be decoded on the process of reproduction of the text or learning is called lecture notes.
Lecture notes are a very important part of education. There are even examples of lecture notes which were assembled to form great books. The father of modern linguistics, Ferdinand De Saussure's notes was published as the book 'Course De Generale Linguistics' which is a great work in the study of linguistics. The art of lecture note making is seriously based on structure and it differs from person to person. This is because the arrangement of ideas about the same matter differs with different people's stream of ideas.

Preparation of a nearly ideal lecture note
Preparation of ideal lecture notes is quite difficult, although a lecture note can be close to ideal. There are a few steps that can be followed by students to make good lecture notes.
1) "Have the ideas about the previous lecture revised in the mind and be ready for the new lecture.
2) The student must have the necessary articles including pencil, eraser, ruler and whatever other things necessary with him/her before the lecture begin.
3) Once the lecture begins, he/she must take care not to leave out any points. That doesn't mean that the whole lecture is to be transcribed. They must be noted down as short notes emphasizing on the important aspects of the topic.
4) Standard abbreviations shall be used wherever necessary and above personal short forms which may become non-understandable after a while.
5) Copy what is written on the whiteboard and take care to omit unwanted articles, prepositions and the like. Filter and copy whatever is necessary.
6) Give special attention to points not given in the text book.
7) If there is a summary of the lecture at the end of the class, use it to cross check if some point is left out.
8) Re-read the lecture notes after the lecture or at least within twenty four hours. This would help the lecture to stay longer within the brain." (
The work presented here is an analysis of the genre of lecture notes taking by the analysis of the three texts shown below. It is localized to the teaching of English and respective note taking. Attached below are the three texts being analyzed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Linguistics Discourse Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5250 Words.
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