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Attention is the selection by the mind of one aspect of thought and excluding or ignoring other aspects, which could be occurring simultaneously with the selected one (Styles, 3). Examples of attention could be listening to someone talking to you on the side of a busy street in…
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Task Attention Attention is the selection by the mind of one aspect of thought and excluding or ignoring other aspects, which could be occurring simultaneously with the selected one (Styles, 3). Examples of attention could be listening to someone talking to you on the side of a busy street in the midst of the din of traffic or talking to someone on your cell phone while children are noisily playing in the room.
Attention can be classified in three types, sustained, selective and divided attention. Sustained attention enables somebody to focus on a certain train of thought for a long period of time without being distracted, while selective attention enables a person to focus on one aspect or train of thought even when there are other distractions or trains of thought. On the other hand, divided attention implies that which enables one to focus on various aspects or in other words to multi task without getting mixed up or losing track (Styles, 17). These categories are identifiable when you test a person’s ability to stay on a singular task for a long time, focus on one task or thought even in the presence of distractions or when one is able to focus on multiple tasks at the same time.
When privately working on a computer at home, I find it very appropriate to simultaneously tune on the internal music or listen to news and perform the task I am undertaking, handling both aspects without losing focus on either, which is in the category of divided attention. Other times when seriously concentrating on a question or subject, I find myself oblivious of the people discussing around me, getting caught of guard only when asked a question to which at times I respond absent mindedly.
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Styles, Elizabeth A. The Psychology of Attention, 2006. New York: Psychology Press. Read More
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Attention Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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