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The purpose of this paper is to develop an outline for the psychological support program intended to develop a therapy group of the population comprising of female prisoners from low-security prisons. This group therapy is intended to alleviate the self-perception of these prisoners…
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Group Therapy Weekly Intervention Plan
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Download file to see previous pages The population of the group will comprise of prisoners from a minimum security treatment facility which means that these participants are mild offenders of law who are not susceptible to any major violence or any other form of offense. Addiction and substance abuse will be the key criteria for the selection of the participants and their details will be provided by the clinical administration staff of the prison. Upon entry into prisons/ jails, all the offenders are made to go through quick screening which would help in identifying underlying mental and psychological issues that the incumbents have been facing and the possible outcomes and reactions expected from these mental problems. This primary testing will help us select our desired population. Another common criterion of selection of the participants would be the presence of a child. Due to statistical probability, it is expected that the population selected will be having children i.e. of age 1 to 18 years, who are dependent on their mothers. Furthermore, these participants are expected to be dependent on their families i.e. parents, spouse, siblings, for further care and support. Native American background is also one of the common pre-requisites which would help in creating an environment of security within which the participants would feel comfortable.
While selecting the population and forming a group, possible causes for dropouts will also be considered. Participation in such programs usually means leaving prison jobs and opting for a rather non-rewarding option with no explicit benefits. Also, fear of leaving the group conformity, peer pressure, absence of support and continued care on release, lack of coherence between group objectives and personal goals, lack of willingness to help one’s peers, lengthy sentences where there are no possible chances of early release, and social stigma are the possible reasons of dropouts or primary reluctance to join these programs (SAMHSA, 2005). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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