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Group Goals Analysis Date Abstract The objective of the paper is to present an evaluation or diagnosis of group's goals in terms of clarity, operability, relevance, and interdependence and commitment of group members, among others…
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Group Goals Analysis
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Group Goals Analysis The objective of the paper is to present an evaluation or diagnosis of group's goals in terms of clarity, operability, relevance, and interdependence and commitment of group members, among others. After the evaluation, the discourse would recommend ways to improve areas identified to be weak and those that needs due improvement. Likewise, the perspective of one’s specific role, as group manager, would be taken to address the issues and concerns defined herein. Group Goals Analysis The issue confounding leaders of organizations or groups is not whether groups are beneficial or not, but whether groups are planned. Goals are the main justification for the group’s existence. Initially, the creation of group goals could somewhat be tenuous or even vague, but as the members reaffirm their sincerity and purposefulness in its formation, they become firm and are accepted by enough members to motivate the group to work towards them. As the manager of a group of dental schools, the perspective of a manager would be taken to assume the role of a group leader governing the participation of a group of managers at the affiliated dental schools.  The objective of the paper is to present an evaluation or diagnosis of group's goals in terms of clarity, operability, relevance, and interdependence and commitment of group members, among others. After the evaluation, the discourse would recommend ways to improve areas identified to be weak and those that needs due improvement. Group Goals Goals can be either formally stated orally or in writing or informally implied in the actions or group members. According to Martires & Fule (2000), agreement about group goals – either formal or informal – increases group cohesiveness. For the group of managers of affiliated dental schools, the group goals are clearly and explicitly understood as: student growth, integrity, training students for entry-level jobs in the dental field, financial strength (profit), compliance with state and federal regulations, and student outcomes (graduation and employment for our students). These goals are not formally written. Assessment of Group Goals 1. Clarity Although group goals are not explicitly and formally written, the members clearly understand goals and priorities of the group. At the start of specific meetings, for example, the group leader would express and identify the agenda that includes the goals to be discussed and strategies to be designed to achieve them. Problems would ensue for members who were late or absent for scheduled meetings or who fail to initiate updating oneself towards the development of directions towards goal accomplishments. 2. Operability One could deduce from the identified group goals that these are generalized and assumes a universal scope: student growth, integrity, financial strength (profit), compliance with state and federal regulations, and student outcomes (graduation and employment for our students). By defining the goals in abstract terms, new members could be lost on their operability. 3. Relevance The goals identified are lumped together without schedules and strategies for priorities and timeframe. In this regard, the relevance for one goal over the other could not be clearly established and could create confusion and ambiguity in terms of determining specific approaches for implementation. 4. Cohesiveness of Members One can honestly aver that members of this group manifest sharing positive feelings where members share goals and values that are internalized. However, since group goals are too generalized and abstract, standards of performance could be evaluated as low and thereby resulting in low performance. Despite high cohesiveness, the group could exhibit either high or low levels of performance depending on the standards that were set. According to Albanese and Van Fleet, “this is possible because cohesiveness can derive from either or both of two forces, forces congruent with group goals and tasks and forces congruent with satisfaction and individual needs. Under ideal circumstances, both forces will be congruent, but that is not always the case” (1983, pp. 260 – 261). Suggestions and Recommendations To improve on the weaknesses that were identified, the following alternative courses of action are recommended to improve the issues concerning group goals: 1. Schedule a meeting that would discuss the setting and development of clear and explicitly written goals with identified time frames. For example: we should envision increasing the number of students by 20% for the next school year (instead of just student growth). For financial strength: dental schools should aim to generate at least 25% net profits by the end of the fiscal year. According to Aikenberry (2007), “goal clarity in itself has a very positive impact on ultimate goal achievement” (par. 6). Therefore, the goals must be clear and precise to make them operable, relevant and effective. 2. Set standards of performance. Group members must design appropriate strategies towards the achievement of the newly streamlined and defined goals. The implementation of these strategies should likewise be monitored regularly to the extent by which they are attained. 3. Clearly define group roles and assign tasks and responsibilities. 4. Create an environment that would set the performance of high performing team by ensuring that the following crucial elements are present: clearly defined mission, goals, roles, leadership, smooth communication, decision making, clear procedures, climate and a system of rewards (Martires & Fule, 2000, pp. 112 – 113). By objectively identifying the weaknesses in group goals, one was able to highlight the areas that need improvement to ensure that group performance would be enhanced. References Aikenberry, K. (2007). Group Goal Setting: Four Reasons to Set Goals. Retrieved 31 May 2011. <> Albanese, R. and Van Fleet, D.D. (1983). Organizational Behavior: A Managerial Viewpoint. The Dryden Press, Chicago. Martires, C.R. and Fule, G.S. (2000). Management of Human Behavior in Organizations. National Bookstore, Philippines. Read More
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