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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the effects of parental conflict and divorce on children’s development. …
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Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that most divorces are bitter and complicated affairs for all parties involved, be it over the matter of financial settlement or compromises over otherwise jointly administered material. These issues are a source of great conflict and obviously, have great adverse effects on the two individuals undertaking the divorce. Be that as it may, however, one party that is often overlooked in these decisions are the children of the divorcing couple and the lifelong effects that a divorce may have on them. Because we live in a country and world that so glorifies freedom of choice and will, we seem to think, and probably rightly so, that we have the power to change any unpleasant situation we are involved in. When marriages turn unpleasant, as a result of conflict, whether arising from unresolved problems, disagreement over decisions regarding the future, or a simple change of heart, couples are choosing more and more to simply opt out of the marriage as a solution rather than work through the drudgery and complications of searching for other solutions. What they don't realize however is that as time goes by, this freedom becomes interlinked with other peoples lives and eventually, our every decision has some form of implication on someone else. In the case of a marriage, the people most affected, other than the two involved parties are of course the children. Children are the direct result of the union of two people. When that union comes to split, how does it affect a child and their sense of unified self? When the question of divorce first arises parents are likely and normally so involved in their own personal conflict and matters that they often fail to notice the effect that this critically drastic initial state is having on them. More difficult than coming to accept a decision has to work out for your own something that you do not wish to accept or acknowledge, yet are exceedingly forced to consider a reality. Researchers claim that it is this initial stage that is perhaps most devastating for a child, one in which they are exposed to vulnerability regarding their future, grief over the disintegration of their family, and the difficult acceptance of partially losing one of their parents. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Effects of Parental Conflict and Divorce on Childrens Development Term Paper.
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