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Families and marriages - Essay Example

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Families and marriages Due to the current divorce rates, more people are aware of its negative attributes. Not only are the partners affected by divorce, but the children also have to go through a great amount of psychological trauma…
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Families and marriages
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Download file to see previous pages Studies have also certified the fact that bad marriages are not the best solutions and under the appropriate circumstances, divorce is in the best interest of the children (Cowan and Hetherington, 2013). Despite the support for divorce, studies have also shown that the process itself has some effects on the children and the partners (Amato, Kane and James, 2011, 511-524). Studies on the effects of divorce have been mainly centered on the first weeks, months and years after divorce as these are the hardest for the children. (Cowan and Hetherington, 2013). However, there are also long term effects that have received less attention from sociologists and psychologists. The long term effects of divorce include the perception that the children will have on marriage, men or women and other related subjects (Amato, Kane and James, 2011, 511-524). This paper will analyze the effects of divorce and how it has affected the community psychologically. Despite the moral values in society, divorce is a reality and affects more than two in every five children. The average length of marriages in the United States is approximately 11 years (Amato, Kane and James, 2011, 511-524). In addition, 90% of all divorces are settled outside the judicial system. In reality, divorce is a more complicated procedure than it appears. Unlike the one time court event divorce is portrayed to be, the fact is that divorce is a process and occurs in different phases. It is a culmination of different behaviors and events on behalf of either of the partners that leads to the decision of ending the marriage (Feijten and Mudler, 2010, 175-193). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Families and Marriages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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