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Divorce(should we reform laws to make it harder to get a divorce) - Research Paper Example

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Divorce has become rampant in this modern society than it was before in the olden times; both the newly married (young couples), young families, old…
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Divorce(should we reform laws to make it harder to get a divorce)
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Extract of sample "Divorce(should we reform laws to make it harder to get a divorce)"

Download file to see previous pages However, there seems to be great differences in divorce activities among countries, due to variation in law. Historically, the divorce rate has been low in most of the Muslim countries, probably because of the traditional systems of organized marriages and polygamy. Despite of all these efforts, the divorce rates have soared in most of these countries as Women rebel their culture, and engage in businesses across the globe. There are various reasons attributed to cause divorce, ranging from economic and social factors among others. Over the past one decade, people have blamed economic inflations and recession, infidelity, domestic abuse, unusual close attachment to biological family, communication problems, lifestyle incompatibility, and failure to reach expectations among others. As a result, in the aftermath, it affects the families, children, and the communities, not only in the physical aspects, but also psychologically. Hence those seeking divorce and the law offering it should be mindful of its negative consequences.
Short term outcomes: These effects could develop in the process or immediately after the parents’ separation, probably in first two years. Some could occur and end completely, but others could keep reappearing based on the situations the children are engage in. First of all, there are those kids who feel responsible for their parents divorce, therefore, the guilt they have separates them from their parents, not knowing how to resolve the situation. Normally, the children who are always making their parents argue due to their irresponsibility or violence in their past, get to feel so. Remember the children’s personalities differ; hence as some feel guilty, others develop anger and resentment towards their parents for breaking up (“Effects of Divorce,” It is good to understand that children have different needs and in the surfacing of a divorce, they fail to understand why the two grown ups cannot resolve their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Divorce(should We Reform Laws to Make It Harder to Get a Divorce) Research Paper)
Divorce(should We Reform Laws to Make It Harder to Get a Divorce) Research Paper.
“Divorce(should We Reform Laws to Make It Harder to Get a Divorce) Research Paper”, n.d.
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