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Divorce and Its effect on children - Research Paper Example

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However, most parents are now divorcing without considering the impacts their decisions are having on the lives of their children…
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Divorce and Its effect on children
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Extract of sample "Divorce and Its effect on children"

Divorce and Its Effects on Children The rates of divorced couples have been on the rise in the past decade owing to the social and economic factors that bring many marriages to a halt. However, most parents are now divorcing without considering the impacts their decisions are having on the lives of their children. At the onset of divorce, parents leave their children uncertain to the cause of separation. In some cases, children have blamed themselves for the separation since they presume that they are putting more pressure on their parents. The most crucial effect of divorce is that it leaves children uncertain of their future as they miss the previous concrete and happy life they lived with their parents (Fagan, and Aaron 11). Other challenges worth mentioning is the fact that children develop behavioral changes after the separation of their parents since there is always no balance or stability of relationship between the parents as the ones who are supposed to guide the children throughout their lives.
When couples divorce, their children lose stability, comfort, and support that always come from the parents (Fagan, and Aaron 11). The result is that the decision leaves some children to fend for themselves making them assume responsibilities that bar them from interacting with their peers. Though in the developed countries children only suffer psychological impacts of divorce, the situation is worse in middle and low-income populations where departure of parents imply that the children will look for livelihood on their own. Divorce is arguably responsible for mental torture as it affects emotions of the children. Children will develop violent behaviors owing to depression and stress of leaving without their parents. In this case, children alienate themselves from their peers fearing that they might be scolded for living without their parents. On the other hand, divorce leaves a lasting impression on the child and forms the basis for their future behaviors. If, for example, the parents divorced because of violence, their children may become accustomed to it and perceive violence as a regular occurrence in the society and will subject their future spouses to domestic violence.
Most importantly, divorce is responsible for the evils that befall teenagers in the modern society (Fagan, and Aaron 12). Divorce first weakens the existing bond between parents and their children thus leaving the young ones to make personal decisions at tender ages. In this case, children will look for others for attention and might sometimes end up in the wrong company. The prevalent use of drugs among teenagers is due to high rates of divorce in the society where children have no one to look after them and seek solace in drugs. Eventually, drug use and abuse lead children to wrong decisions where cases like pregnancies, robbery, and gang violence become order of the day for the young ones. It is also sad that divorce has been forcing children out of schools with some dropping their grades due to emotions and distress. The implication is that divorce is a negative implication for the children’s development since it affects their education.
Children need both their biological parents to shape them into responsible citizens who can help the community (Fagan, and Aaron 11). The compassion and love come from the biological parents to cheer them through their life endeavors. Divorce plants seeds of bad behaviors and attitudes and responsible for the evils befalling children in the society. Most importantly, divorce force children out of schools, and it is also to be blamed for poor performance hence it affects children negatively from all perspectives.
Work Cited
Fagan, Patrick, and Aaron Churchill. "The effects of divorce on children." Marriage and Religion Research Institute at FRC 1 (2012): 11-12. Read More
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