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The writer of this paper seeks to examine the positive and negative impact of video games on individuals. From the essay, it is evident, that the disadvantages of the video games are highly possible addiction while the benefits are improved reflects…
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Video Games Benefits and Advantages
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Download file to see previous pages Self esteem is an important aspect of any child’s development.  It allows them to become more confident in many areas, including social skills and learning.  Video game players oftendiscuss games with peers and exchange ideas, providing them with a sense of pride and belonging.   This social interaction is necessary for all levels of development.   Games that simulate real life situations or contexts help players improve observation skills.  Improved observation can lead to more positive social interaction and better decision making.  When a child or teen is more observant of the language and gestures of others, the ability to make judgments about character are enhanced.   Scaffolding and language skills are additional benefits that some experts claim videogames can have.  Scaffolding in the principle of presenting tasks, having them mastered, thenpresenting a more difficult level.  “Researchers have shown that programs that contain a substantial amount of scaffolding also may improve language skills”.  Notall video games are presented in this manner or present the player with new language, but manyhave underlying value that is not as obvious as some of the games designed specifically for learning and improving cognitive skills.  Even games that contain violence or aggression may be structured in such as manner as to challenge the thought processes, by demanding increased memory. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Video Games Benefits and Advantages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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