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Video games as an art - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Video games as an art" aim at discussing both the views of playing the video games and proving that playing the video games is beneficial to the individuals.The playing of video games involves the interaction of an individual with a particular user interface…
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Video games as an art
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Download file to see previous pages One of the major reasons why some people support the playing of video games is that they assist in the expansion of individuals’ intelligence. This is normally in the case of children whose brain is still growing. Also, some games such as Dance Revolution are advantageous to the kids as they enable them to exercise and have fun at the same time. The supporters of the video games also state that they help in the improvement of coordination and also serve to bring together many people which leads to the making of new friends (Gee 49).  Another major reason why some people support the video games is that they are relaxing and fun to play and some games are considered to be educational as they are either based on situations which occur in individuals’ real life or are based on certain simulations. Lastly, the playing of video games is supported by some people as it ensures the growth of concentration power and makes the participant’s mind to become sporty. In addition, some realistic feigning gives learners a chance to experience the outcomes of their decisiveness and consider the solutions decently. Educational computer games have numerous advantages to the students in that learners acquire continuous and contiguous feedback. Learners are able to contain the entire sailing of the game, breaking down Byzantine tasks and this directs or chips in guidelines to learners through diverse steps and game-based tasks. This enables the learner to come up with hypotheses and experimentation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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