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Video Games Used in the Education or as Exercise - Term Paper Example

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The author states that although most people may not view video games as a controversial means of training the employees when one views it from the perspective of the benefits likely to accrue to the organization, the negative effects seem to be still within our control…
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Video Games Used in the Education or as Exercise
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Extract of sample "Video Games Used in the Education or as Exercise"

Download file to see previous pages Research shows that employees can learn best through video games. They get to master skills faster, forget less and remember more which is the key to improving employees’ productivity and the overall productivity of the organization (Wolf, 2012). Video games are one of the many aspects that have affected how the generation of young people socialize and perceive entertainment. Today, ardent video game players are willing to pay a bill monthly to cater for their subscription to certain gaming services as anxiously as their parents wait in line to settle their bills. Despite the fact that video games have been there for over 30 years, it is only until recently that technology allowed for the transformation of video games into descriptive narratives and storylines. The total revenue collected by the video games industry has been estimated at approximately $15 billion. The game-playing population falls between the ages of ten and thirty-four. However, the group is mostly made of teenagers between 14 and 19. Games are not just played and it stops at that; they are read about in gaming magazines, they are talked about among the gamers and furthermore, they are fantasized about. In addition, game players look for cheats online in order to up their scores and even alter the games to suit their preferences. Without people even realizing it, games have now become models for how most game players live their everyday life and for the formation of subjectivity and intersubjectivity.

Video games have long been derided as a mere source of entertainment. However, according to research, it is believed that incorporating video games into their training programs tend to end up with employees who are smarter, and highly motivated to learn more and retain the new knowledge. In the past, I started designing video games based on a simple hunch that could be beneficial if incorporated well into their training programs. They suspected that games could come in handy in improving the employee’s productivity although they could never actually prove it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Video Games Used in the Education or as Exercise Term Paper.
(Video Games Used in the Education or As Exercise Term Paper)
Video Games Used in the Education or As Exercise Term Paper.
“Video Games Used in the Education or As Exercise Term Paper”.
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