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Exploring the use of space - Essay Example

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The many facilities provided by colleges and universities for students allow many choices for relaxing as well as studying. With the recent health craze, many offer gyms as well as traditional spaces known for attracting students, such as pool halls and arcade rooms…
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Exploring the use of space
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Download file to see previous pages Students eventually end up in places that speak to their inner preferences and the areas that reflect the most amount of qualities subconsciously desired. The fitness obsession that has gripped America for the past several years appears not to have passed up Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning because at Humber, the gymnasium currently appears to represent a larger slice of students' needs, judging by attendance, rather than the gamesroom, which may have been a more popular choice in the past.
In the gamesroom, arcade machines play sentry along the walls, offering students dozens of different choices ranging from pinball to the latest combat tournament. Though there is limited seating, the room is designed for standing and moving about and boasts modern features and a large, bright, well-lit space for students to socialize in. Those who patronize the gamesroom do so to relax and socialize in the casual atmosphere. The pressure is off here, and students of all sorts pay a small fee to use the pool tables and arcade games to unwind from their studies and de-stress from life. The every-day gender of the room tends to lean toward the male side of the scale, probably because video games and billiards are more of engaging activities for males rather than females. Thus, the course representation has more of a limited focus around the subjects that men tend to study, such as science or math.
The gym, however, attracts all walks...
The bright spaces complement the vibrant atmosphere and the fluorescent lighting further promotes the upbeat mentality that young people exude when exercising, be it on rowing machines or at indoor soccer matches.
Though the places were built to accommodate students participating in activities on the opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum, the bright, well-lit, modern facilities sported by both structures cultivate a positive atmosphere, whether students play Duke Nukem or badminton. Both buildings also offer students a laid-back area to mutually socialize and perhaps meet up with a new friend or convene with a club. Though there is limited seating, the wide range of diversions offered at each facility give students choices that appeal to many senses.
Since students arrive at Humber from all different backgrounds, the variety of activities offered by the school is an important factor when considering higher education. The gamesroom at Humber appeals to many students who like the problem-solving aspects of the digital world and utilize video and arcade games as a way to wind down from the stresses of everyday life for just fifty cents. The pool tables are another diversion well known in the student world for a place to convene and involve one another in the complicated aspects of potting balls with a stick. At a dollar twenty-five per game, billiards engage many students who while away an afternoon or evening with relaxed banter.
The gym at Humber allows students to banter while doing whatever fitness activity they prefer, though the conversation isn't quite as loose as that in the game room due to the generally more hurried quality that exercise assumes. However, the programs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Exploring the Use of Space Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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