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The James Webb Space Telescope - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes telescopes in ground stations that tend to be influenced by factors found in the atmosphere to an extent that the even the wavelength is distorted due to the presence of certain elements in the atmosphere that have adverse effects towards the expected results on the outcome…
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The James Webb Space Telescope
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Download file to see previous pages Space-based observation is also advantageous based on the presence of the telescopes beyond the atmosphere, which translates in their ability to observe at a variety of wavelengths. Due to the atmospheric interference on ground observation, the wavelengths cannot be worked with as they suffer alteration, whereas, in space, there are near perfect conditions for the use of spectrometers that allow observers and astronomers to work with the said wavelengths. Putting this into perspective, the atmosphere gives massive interference win ten workings with ground-based telescopes where certain wavelengths receive interference in their signals rendering them unworkable. This makes space observation to be the better alternative, as is allows the observation of areas with strong electromagnetic spectrums to be observed interference free. With this in mind, the use of ground observation offers interference with strong electromagnetic spectrums such as ultraviolet rays, x-rays, and gamma rays that are found on various heavenly bodies (Ayres and Longscope 4). The above makes space observation more efficient and accurate as compared to observations done from the ground, as there is also interference of the same wavelengths from the atmosphere. The problem with space observation is that every space telescope utilizes mirrors to gather light and resolve the details of the light collected. As such, there are strong limitations as to the size of space telescopes that can be sent into space for the purpose of observation owing to the expense of sending them up there. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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1.Pros/Cons of Space Vs Ground-Based Observing 2.Advantages of Research Paper.
“1.Pros/Cons of Space Vs Ground-Based Observing 2.Advantages of Research Paper”, n.d.
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