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Introduction to Astronomy: NASA Kepler Mission - Essay Example

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Since the invention of telescope by Galileo Galilee, scientists have focused on research aimed at knowing the earth and the general structure of the solar system better. These efforts by scientists have yielded new discoveries upon launch of new space technologies. It is because…
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Introduction to Astronomy: NASA Kepler Mission
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Extract of sample "Introduction to Astronomy: NASA Kepler Mission"

Download file to see previous pages and discoveries possible, scientists have relied on the other forms of technologies, basically involving mechanical, chemical and computer engineering. These technologies have helped in the construction and powering of machines used in conducting the research in the space.
Satellites are the most common forms of locomotives that navigate through space. Satellites are powered by chemical energy developed from combustion of nuclear and other chemical substances like hydrogen. The satellites sent to space consist of many structures that enable transmission of data to the control and study centers, where interpretation of the information takes place. Satellites have proved to be highly effective as they have revealed great processes and objects that happen and exist in the space. The satellites have also assisted in the detection of potential natural calamities threatening to hit the earth’s surface. NASA Kepler Mission is one of the latest satellites launched by NASA with intents to conduct further investigations of the space and the transpiring processes. The launching of the NASA Kepler Mission was in 2009, and named Kepler, after Johannes Kepler, a German Astronomer.
The main intention of the NASA- Kepler Mission was to investigate the existence of any other habitable planet and unknown heavenly bodies by making the instrument travel within the Milky Way. Habitable zone or planet in the context of this mission means regions or places in the universe that have water molecules capable of supporting life (Pantozzi). The objectives set by NASA upon launching of the Kepler Mission into the universe included among others, to determine the number of the larger and terrestrial planets existing near the habitable zone found within the vast Milky Way. Another objective of the mission was to determine the sizes, shapes and distribution of the orbits of the new planets. The objectives also included determination of the number of the planets that exist in the form of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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