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A Case Study of Schizophrenia - Essay Example

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In the essay “A Case Study of Schizophrenia” the author provides a recurrent disease, which has a debilitating and severe effect on the brain. Studies have shown that one in 100 Americans has had schizophrenic fits throughout their lifetime…
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A Case Study of Schizophrenia
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Extract of sample "A Case Study of Schizophrenia"

Download file to see previous pages Research has helped develop advanced curative techniques (JAAPA, 2002). Among symptoms typifying Schizophrenia are: (a) hearing what other people do not; (b) believing that others can read their minds; (c) believing that others can control their thoughts; and (d) the illusion that others are plotting to harm them (APA, 1994). People that have this disease may appear normal and the disease may go unnoticed if the person does not express his or her thoughts; and these symptoms create feelings of dread and fear which makes the victim appear withdrawn or extremely agitated (Jones, 2007). Medical treatment and prescription drugs help relieve the symptoms. Most people can cope with the disease with proper medical care and a support system. Case studies have determined that social classes are equally prone to the illness, yet research has noted that certain social classes suffer their first fits earlier than others, explains JAAPA (2002). A record of patients from higher social class has an average age of 24.8 years when the onset of Schizophrenia is recorded compared to the lower class which as an average of 33.1 years of a recorded diagnosis (JAAPA, 2002). This case study further explains that untreated psychosis in the lower class guarantees a less favorable treatment outcome. The phenomenology aspect of schizophrenia is the starting point of investigators in an effort to understand the disease of schizophrenia. The cause and origin of Schizophrenia is complex in that there are no boundaries in its symptoms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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