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To go to the detailed discussion and analysis of the selected video materials it should be mentioned that therapies cooperating with the physiological illnesses and problems vary a lot. One of the best available research integrations is evidence-based practice in psychology…
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Adjustment Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages and most popular evidence-based strategies we can name cognitive behavioral therapy (effectively used during long term for post-traumatic stress disorders as well as anxiety and insomnia and other mental health illnesses), dialectical behavior therapy (teaching how to cope with stressful situations and regulate emotions easily), rational emotive behavior therapy.
I would like to mention the conversation as a very effective way to relieve stress. Sometimes a person in a state of emotional stress just needs to talk – it can be enough to see the problem from another angle when you voice it. As a proof I would like to speak about the story of Sean Carter, student of Midwestern`s State University (“For An Injured Son”, 2015). Young man was a passenger of car driven by his drunken friend. Actually, most likely both two friends were in a state of alcohol intoxication. The Carter was seriously injured in the accident; he received traumatic brain injury with paralysis of body and vocal apparatus.
Actions of his mother Jenny deserve special respect, she has become his caretaker. In this situation, both mother and son were stressed. Caring for a disabled person is excessively responsible and thankless task, significantly limiting freedom of movement, emotional expression, financial position, not to mention a serious blow to the psyche of the parent. Jenny she was devastated, however, in my opinion this word could hardly explain the feelings when you see your child – alive – but paralyzed. If further mother could keep her son morally, she was in harder situation - in fact in this case even support of friends cannot bring relief. In addition, for an elderly woman it is even physically difficult to be caretaker.
As for Sean, in his opinion, the most difficult for him was to live a somewhat isolated life, without friends, love and opportunity to have a family of his own. In fact, being an invalid, he turned out to be behind life for two years - the time, during ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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