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Analysis of Schizophrenia and Treatment Plan - Case Study Example

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The author examines the case of Anna who is experiencing Schizophrenia malady whose unique nature encompasses losing contact with reality thus prompting one seems to focus his or her attention elsewhere. The treatment plan for Anna will involve reducing or eliminating symptoms.   …
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Analysis of Schizophrenia Case and Treatment Plan
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Schizophrenia and Treatment Plan"

Biopsychosocial Risk & Resilience Assessment for the ONSET of the Disorder
RISK Influences
The fact that the disorder was genetically passed from mother to daughter is a biological risk influence
Anna’s case is mild compared to that of her mother
The family environment was not comfortable as she grew up because of her mother who was suffering from an almost similar disorder. This may have affected Anna psychologically.
She, however, had a supportive father and sister
She was anti-social and independent, did not, therefore, interact with other children as she grew up.
She was a good girl as she grew up; she behaved well and respected others. In addition, she studied hard and took care of her father and sister.
Biopsychosocial Risk & Resilience Assessment for the COURSE of the Disorder
RISK Influences
Anna’s behaviors changed and she even started wandering of like her mother
She was not serious with medications
Was not reluctant about visiting the hospital and could walk herself there
She cooperated with the practitioners
She had an unresponsive touch with her emotions meaning that she does not feel anything
She used a strange choice of words when communicating
She seemed distracted and focused her attention elsewhere
She did not do well at the University, stopped going to class, started secluding herself and could not state the reason for her behavior
She denied hearing any voices
Was not upset about being in the hospital
Did not have mood swings
She was not well-groomed and even had a bad odor hence affecting those around her
Was not able to take care of her herself anymore and did not even want to even work or associate with others
She, however, enjoyed walking around which was a good form of exercise
She was positive about having a job someday and having friends as well
Formulate goals & a possible treatment plan.
The goals towards the treatment plan for this patient include
Overcoming or reducing the symptoms (Help guide, 2014)
Returning the patient into normal so that they are able to work, interact and groom themselves up
Reducing the number of visits to the agency
Enabling family members to get some relief
That is achievable through medications in addition to psychological treatments and social interactions. The plan then proceeds into enabling the patient to embrace good quality life and adapt to it. The final step of the plan will be to lead the patient towards maximum recovery and release from any negative effects the disorder caused.  Read More
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