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Motivation and Emotion in a Competitive Environment - Essay Example

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This paper discusses the motivations and emotions of four individuals as they seek to attain a promotion. As the competitive nature of each individual is explored, the theories of emotional and behavioral consequences of the motivations attributed to each person are discussed…
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Motivation and Emotion in a Competitive Environment
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Download file to see previous pages  As Ella, Marcello, Masoko, and Sam compete for a place that will increase the state of their personal goals, different approaches will define their methods of competition.
Ella seeks to attain a promotion at work because it will increase her ability to satisfy her basic needs. Her motivation for seeking the promotion is based on biological needs according to her interpretation of survival tactics. Ella recognizes that in order to continue to maintain her ability to maintain a healthful state of existence, she will need to acquire the sustenance that is crucial to fulfilling those needs. In other words, she cannot eat without being able to purchase the food.
Marcelo wants this new position because it will help him to fulfill needs that are relevant to the psychosocial theory of motivation which is concerned with growth in his development in his life. He can find identity through this position as well as take on new responsibilities that can increase his productivity and expand the impact that he can have on the world. This position can give him a basis from which to move forward until the end of his life comes and he can accept a good end because he doesn’t regret the choices he makes interactions he must make with his world. He will attain a certain control over his environment that was previously not available to him. In working to raise his status, he takes on more responsibilities which will require a higher level of performance, however, his ultimate goal will be to gain a certain amount of control and comfort within that level of control. It is Masoko’s need to compete with his fellow workers and to succeed because of social expectations will push him to relieve the anxiety that failure to compete might otherwise cause him. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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