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Whats True About the Mind - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the functioning of the human mind. The faculty which is responsible for man’s thought, actions, feelings, and speech is his mind. This entity is what sets man apart from other lower animals. The mind determines a man’s intellect or his intelligence…
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Whats True About the Mind
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Extract of sample "Whats True About the Mind"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "What’s True About the Mind?" talks about the functioning of the human mind. The faculty which is responsible for man’s thought, actions, feelings, and speech is his mind. This entity is what sets man apart from other lower animals. The mind determines a man’s intellect or his intelligence.Aristotle called a man a ‘rational animal’ juxtaposed to Freud’s opinion of human beings as being ‘irrational’. Rational or irrational, we must agree that we possess powers of reasoning and arguing for what we believe. We become irrational only when we make a mistake in reasoning and not due to an absence of reasoning power itself. The mind is able to judge situations and act accordingly. It has the capacity to be aware of things around us. It follows a certain logical pattern and works within a time frame called memory. It distinguishes near memory from distant memory. How else can we know yesterday from last year? The mind is conditioned into taking certain basics for granted. We underplay our knowledge because some of it is so common¬ place, so familiar from our everyday acquaintance with us and other people. Our mind is like a kite, capable of transporting us on a mental plane wherever we want to without moving an inch. The mind rambles when we want it to and can also be conditioned to stay where we want it to. We hold the strings/controls. It is an ocean of energy which flashes in and out of places in a fraction of a second. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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