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Cognitive Decision Models - Essay Example

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The current paper “Cognitive Decision Models” is corroborated by an examination of advertisements for graduate cognitive science programs. Affiliated faculty represents computer science, social psychology, cognitive psychology, linguistics, philosophy…
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Cognitive Decision Models
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Download file to see previous pages Such a gathering of contemporary scientific pursuits is bound to lodge a treasure trove of nascent technology for cognitive assessment in the clinical arena. The rigorous theoretical platform for psychological assessment generally, which historically has been supplied by psychometric theory, stands to be paralleled by quantitative cognitive science when it comes to cognitive assessment (Cecile & Ruder, 432). Such application has been variously depicted as “cognitive psychometrics” (Batchelder & Riefer, 60),“cognitive modeling” (Busemeyer & Stout, 262), and “quantitative cognitive clinical-science” (McFall & Townsend, 320). The corpus of contemporary developments in cognitive-science-based assessment technology is variously represented throughout the present set of articles.
From a cognitive-science perspective, understanding cognitive-task performance necessitates theoretical modeling of constituent transactions. In clinical applications, models or modeling approaches from mainstream cognitive science are imported and adapted. Properties of performance include response accuracy (e.g., correctness in identifying specified items as members of visual arrays or previously memorized item sets), response speed (e.g., latency from trial commencement to response registration), and response type (e.g., item classification as new vs. previously encountered). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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