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Study on the impact of teaching on Student Motivation - Essay Example

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In this paper, some of the results and findings from the fieldwork are presented, explained and analyzed mainly by looking for the similarities and differences from the data between the teachers interviewed. …
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Study on the impact of teaching on Student Motivation
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Download file to see previous pages One theme developed from this study suggests that in order to motivate a person to learn, a teacher should incorporate hands-on learning and should make learning enjoyable. In this context, the importance of intrinsic reinforcement and extrinsic reward should be considered as high because children are more likely to participate actively in the classroom if being rewarded for their efforts. More specifically, intrinsic reinforcement would be encouraging and supporting intrinsic enjoyment of the learning experience. To do this one teacher mentioned inviting former students to provide testimonials on how learning information skills helped them with homework and class projects. Extrinsic reward by providing positive reinforcement and motivational feedback was also the important to the teachers. One teacher mentioned that when evaluating students’ research projects he would award certificates to students for mastery of the information problem-solving process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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