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Using Computers to Teach Mathematics is Better than Traditional Methods - Case Study Example

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This paper "Using Computers to Teach Mathematics is Better than Traditional Methods" discusses computer technology that has changed the face of education, and is a useful tool in the teaching of other subjects as well with Mathematics being no exception…
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Using Computers to Teach Mathematics is Better than Traditional Methods
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Extract of sample "Using Computers to Teach Mathematics is Better than Traditional Methods"

Download file to see previous pages During the last two decades, huge advances in computer technology for information and communication purposes have impacted all levels of education and many courses as well. Using technology to support the teaching of Mathematics generally started later than for other subjects. The first electronic machine used to assist in calculation however was not the computer but the calculator. In schools in the US, UK and some other countries, the calculator has been used since the early 1980s. Incidentally, before electronic calculators, there were mechanical calculators and even before that the slide rule to aid calculation. In US schools, for example, the calculator was used by students between the fourth and eighth grades although its actual use depended on the teachers and the degree of ability in the class (NCES, 2009). Since the advent of the computer, many research studies have examined the use of this technology in not only assisting in the calculation but also teaching Mathematics. This technology was perceived as being able to bring new life to the traditional teaching methodologies and still is. It is also promised to change the stereotypical image of Mathematics teachers who simply follow the way that their own teachers had taught them i.e. without the use of computers or any assistive technology for that matter.

In a document on Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics stated, "Technology is essential in teaching and learning mathematics; it influences the mathematics that is taught and enhances students learning" (NCTM, 2004). Using computers in the teaching of Mathematics has proven to be effective in improving students’ learning of Mathematics (see for example Büyükköro­glu, 2004).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Using Computers to Teach Mathematics is Better than Traditional Method Case Study, n.d.)
Using Computers to Teach Mathematics is Better than Traditional Method Case Study.
(Using Computers to Teach Mathematics Is Better Than Traditional Method Case Study)
Using Computers to Teach Mathematics Is Better Than Traditional Method Case Study.
“Using Computers to Teach Mathematics Is Better Than Traditional Method Case Study”.
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