Mathematics Project Based & Game Based Learning vs. Traditional Repetition Learning - Dissertation Example

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Topic: Teaching Mathematics using Project Based and Game Based Learning vs. Traditional Repetition Learning William Bilbrey Contents Introduction / Significance of the Study 3 Introduction 3 Significance of the Study 3 Research Questions 7 Hypotheses 8 Procedure 8 Population/ Sample 9 Population 9 Sample 9 Research Design 9 Data Collection 9 Data Analysis 10 Findings 10 Conclusion 15 Recommendations 16 References 17 Introduction / Significance of the Study Introduction Project based approach puts mathematics in a meaningful context, where the students acquire knowledge through practice and not working out a group of items from the textbook (Boaler, 2001)…
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Mathematics Project Based & Game Based Learning vs. Traditional Repetition Learning
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Download file to see previous pages Bouris, Creel and Storz (2004) state that the game based approach is an innovative approach of teaching Mathematics. It involves the use of games and technology. The method entails both simple tasks and difficult tasks, which are done individually or in groups. Traditionally, people learned mathematics through memorization of mathematical concepts as teachers demonstrated procedures in class. After the lesson, a teacher would give students homework based on the concept covered in class. This mode of learning advocates memorization of Mathematical concepts by the students (Bouris, Creel and Storz, 2004). Certainly, math skills required for students to function effectively in the 20th century are completely different than present skills requirement, hence the need to change the way mathematics as a subject is taught. Presently, there is an ongoing debate as to the best way to effectively teach mathematics and whether the traditional method is still effective. The present study will seek to compare Project- Based Learning (PBL) and Game-Based Learning (GBL) with the Traditional Repetitive Learning (TRL) to determine the most effective method of teaching mathematics. Significance of the Study Following increased pressure by the United States Department of Education, as well as the state of Tennessee Department of Education on mathematics teachers to enhance students’ mastery of mathematics as a key subject; teachers are increasingly adjusting their teaching methods to help improve students understanding of the subject. However, to some mathematics educators, the focus of academic achievement never goes beyond classroom and quizzes given to students. This notion has created an environment that continues to bar students from appreciating the applicability of mathematics to real-world problems (Afari et al., 2013). Even though continuous research has been done on teaching mathematics, little has been done on the effective methods of teaching the subject. Previous researchers have tried to prove and provide evidence that mathematics is a critical subject for societal development while others sought to establish students’ performance in this subject. For instance, in 2012, the US Department of Education found that 8th grade students from the US were ranked 24th out of 29 countries in mathematics literacy. This was a clear indication that there was a big problem in the way mathematics as a subject was taught. Compared with other students from countries where PBL and GBL teaching methods had already been implemented, the US students’ scores were found to be low. Such low test scores and considering the impact of using different approaches when teaching mathematics, led to this study that seeks to establish the effectiveness of PBL, GBL and TRL approaches of teaching mathematics. This study will be conducted at Pine Elementary School which has a total population of 747 students. Departing from other previous researches that sought to compare performance in mathematics relative to other subjects, this study will focus on effective teaching approaches that can enhance students’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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