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Learning of Mathematics in Secondary Schools - Essay Example

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Learning of Mathematics in Secondary Schools
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Extract of sample "Learning of Mathematics in Secondary Schools"

Download file to see previous pages Today, in whatever domain of work we look into, we always find the impact of technology continuously revolutionizing those fields and industries. The education industry is no exception. When looking deep into various disciplines of studies to analyze the actualized as well as potential impact of technology, we come across the fact that the understanding of the subjects which are very conceptual in nature, increases many folds. Mathematics is one of them. Furthermore, especially in secondary classes in Singapore, when the course of mathematics starts to get more conceptual and complex, it becomes essential to let the students visualize various concepts using multimedia, which would otherwise be impossible to demonstrate. Thus this study aims to analyze the impact of use of Information and Communication Technology in the enhancement of learning of Mathematics in the secondary schools of Singapore, particularly in the assessment aspect of teaching. Information Communication Technology is too broad area to be analyzed as a whole, thus we would restrict ourselves to the impact of multimedia technologies only. This specification leads us to our research question, that is,
This literature review is aimed to look at the work relevant to the issue that has already been done. Thus, first of all we would start with defining the term multimedia, without as well as within the context of Information Communication Technology. Moving further, we will analyze the various researches done on the issue of teaching methodologies and its relation with technologies. The term 'relation' here includes the advent, the nature and level of integration of technology and teaching over time and impact. Moving further, we would review the literature on how the multimedia technologies can facilitate the teaching of mathematics. Lastly we would try to analyze that keeping in view the existing literature, what is the need of the proposed research.

It is important to be clear in very beginning that what perspective of multimedia we are considering, in order to avoid any ambiguity. In a literal sense, the word multi means many and media means the plurality of mediums, the way of delivering some thing. The type of information that is considered as part of media are diversified, it includes, text, graphics, animations, sounds and video clips. The list is not exhaustive; with the evolution of technology new types of media keep on being added. For example, initially only text was the media to be used, then graphics and then sounds, animations and clips and so on. When we speak of the term multimedia in terms of information and communication technology, it has been defined as
Multimedia is communication that uses any combination of different media; it may or may not involve computers. Multimedia may include text, spoken audio, music, images, animation, and video. . Multimedia programs are often interactive and include games, sales presentations, encyclopedias, and more.

From this definition we can infer some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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