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One of the essential everyday activities is persuasion. Persuasion is the one of the ways in which a person convinces to get some thing done. It starts from form our daily activity, soon after shower, what to eat, what dress to wear and what shoes to put on…
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Persuasion and Influence
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Download file to see previous pages Aristotle, Plato and Cicero were one of the greatest persuaders of their time, who have become immortal because of their persuasive skills. Persuasion is done in many ways to change one's thinking about contemporary issues and the modern way of living.
People do not resist advertising for the reason that it creates the illusion of truth. Ironically everyone is vulnerable to it, but no one accepts it. There is no doubt that advertising creates illusion and promise such things, which in reality do not exist luring consumers to buy things, which often they do not need at all. A product is a promise with expectations, which are created by marketers to do sales and make money through the promise of fulfillment. Human brain is conditioned to feel bad when it comes to cheating, but it is the persuasive advertisements which are universally accepted by majority of us and even after the break of the promises, consumers still keep on shopping.
It is easy for people to do what they want to do, but it is much harder to convince them what they do not want to do. In order to persuade a person for some thing he/she is not willing is not easy task, which needs a lot of hardwork and persuasion to make a reluctant person agreeable. Persuasion is an attempt to change a person's mind to one our own way of thinking.
The researchers have mentioned three different possibilities to seek influence through persuasion, which are: attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. The interrelation between beliefs attitude and behaviour are interrelated which will be explored in this discussion as, persuasion essentially deals with belief and behaviour change. The attitude can be negative, positive or polarized serving different purpose depending on the purpose and intentions.
It is normal for human being to compare and contrast and prefer one thing to other. The judgmental approach is about judging, comparing and evaluation. It is common for us to compare our home, our children, our country and culture to other people children, homes, countries and culture. The reason for this judgmental approach is, that it gives us an illusion of pride that our thinking and our choice is the best, even if we are clearly wrong.
Our belief and attitude and judgments are always relative which in plain words mean negative or positive. Positive attitude leads us to positive belief and behaviour resulting in successful of persuasion, while negative attitude will provide the opposite result. These judgmental approaches of human attitude are essential to give us the understanding, why red is red and black is black or why day is called day and night is night and why one product is more liked than other and so on.
Social Involvement Theory
The involvement theory assumes that people tend to have stimuli in meaningful way to create a psychological dimension which gives rise to two judgmental distortion: contrast and assimilation. According to social judgment theory a person's most preferred position is often his own opinions, as this creates the concept of righteousness. A person attitude closer to our views is liked by us, while a person holding a view different than ours, often stands as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Persuasion and Influence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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