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Consumer Behaviour with Reference to Hospitality and Tourism Industry - Essay Example

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The assignment discusses in detail the consumer behaviour, starting the research main objective, which is to understand the negative and positive service encounters in hotels and restaurants and its impact on customer's behaviour.
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Consumer Behaviour with Reference to Hospitality and Tourism Industry
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Extract of sample "Consumer Behaviour with Reference to Hospitality and Tourism Industry"

Download file to see previous pages d negative service encounters and how degradation of quality affects the tourism sector. To understand the problem extensive study will be done through secondary sources to form the basis of literature review, which will be later on analysed and under research findings.Consumer behaviour is "the study of how consumer, and how they buy and why they buy" (Blythe, 1997) .It is sub-category of marketing which blends elements of psychology and sociology and economics. It tries to fathom the buyers decision-making process and study the characteristics of individual consumers, such as demographics, psychographics and behavioural variables in an endeavor to understand, what buyers want. And thus by understanding consumers needs, the marketers come up with a better strategy of sellingTill Middle Ages, buying for purpose was considered a necessity; however making profit was considered a mean practice. Making profit has been considered cheap and mean practice in the early Christianity and Islam as well. Normally the traders were foreigners who earned profit along with the" contempt of the people they served". Amassing of wealth was considered corruption of the soul and death of spirituality. Priests often vehemented against the desire of accumulation with prediction of fire and hell. .Thus restriction on consumption was often used as a political tool in the histroy and it was not the sacrcity of the resources, but rather accoumulation of wealth in few hands, which made the rich super rich and poor more poorer (Klein,2002).
The arrival of industrial age changed the senario for the indsutialist nation as now more can be produced in less time and much cheaply.This consumer revolution of early twentieth centuries took place due to the arrival of new technologies.More goods, but laying waste as people didn't have enough cash to to buy.The Henry Ford famous $ 5 per hour wages was harbinger for the age of consumption .In 20th century producer adopted a different policy which was to chang the mindset of consumer. In the past saving was considered virtue now the thinking has to changed ,which is "the commercialization of society" . The luxries which earlier were dienied to the common man were made necessities of living. To achieve consumerism in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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