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Group Psychotherapy: The Aspects of Practicing Family Therapy - Essay Example

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The writer of the current essay "Group Psychotherapy: The Aspects of Practicing Family Therapy" would discuss the practical use of family paradigms in applying family adaptation to crises through group psychotherapy commonly referred to as familty therapy…
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Group Psychotherapy: The Aspects of Practicing Family Therapy
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Extract of sample "Group Psychotherapy: The Aspects of Practicing Family Therapy"

Download file to see previous pages The family is meant to be a place of safety and unconditional acceptance. Rules within a family can help to create this environment by enforcing rules of mutual respect and validation. In a healthy family environment, these rules fit everyone's values and are consciously chosen. But in case of a family crisis, if these rules do not reflect family values, it leads to pseudosexuality or real family conflicts.
If a family, for instance, have a child, they will face the problem of constructing a new kind of relations with an adolescent child, when genetic factors strongly influence unreasonable for parents aggression, antisocial behavior, and delinquency, emotional distress. (Hill, 1949). If a child at this age isn't understood and supported by his family, the family therapists tasks are to teach his parents the right behavior in these situations. In adolescence children's feeling need to be perceived and understood to avoid interpersonal conflicts appearance. The argument is that adolescents are more emotional, and that leads to conflict and turmoil. The therapist here needs to understand the reasons for it, and then - to stream the therapeutic process in that way.
Family crisis demotes the family susceptibility to continued instability, disorganization, and dysfunction. Crisis-producing events are those normative and non-normative life events that disrupt the family system and that precipitate changes in, or the necessity for changes in, the family's patterns of functioning, thus placing the family system at risk for continued decline in functioning leading to dysfunction. (Benjamin, 1977)
Family risk factors involve the notions of pseudosexuality, pseudo-hostility, mystification and scapegoating.
Family researchers name such critical family recovery factors as family integration, when parents afford to keep the family together and maintain an optimistic outlook for the child's health; family support and esteem building, when parents seek for support from the community and friends; family recreation orientation, control, and organization, when the family practice recreational and sporting activities, and control the family rules and organization; family optimism and mastery to maintain a sense of order and optimism. (Young & Wilrnott, 1973)
A great role in family therapy depends on family paradigm, that means that families over time create an internally regulated sense of shared values, beliefs, expectations, and rules that guide and shape the major domains of family functioning: work-family relationships, disciplining and raising children, the marital relationship, and intergenerational responsibilities. (McCubbin, Thompson, 1993). If we view a family of five, there exist two or three age generations, where such problems are the most significant ones. This collective set of rules, values, and beliefs plays a vital role as a recovery factor in promoting family harmony and balance in the context of a family crisis. This family paradigm guides family behavior and adaptation in the case of a family crisis, and the therapist task is to base on it.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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