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Critically evaluate Becks (1979, 2008) cognitive behavioural model of depression - Essay Example

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It is a central process entailed in every academic work and involves hard or critical thinking in which, logical and rational thoughts are applied in the process of deconstructing the…
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Critically evaluate Becks (1979, 2008) cognitive behavioural model of depression
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Extract of sample "Critically evaluate Becks (1979, 2008) cognitive behavioural model of depression"

Download file to see previous pages The cognitive model of depression has evolved a great deal over the past four decades since its formulation (Beck, 2008). Recently, there have been scientific demonstrations that cognitive, neurochemical, and genetic factors have potential to interact. New opportunities for integrated research have been opened through a combination of findings from cognitive neuroscience and behavioral genetics with research being accumulated on the cognitive model (Butler & Chapman et al., 2006). Relying on advances in laboratory experiments, social, personality, and cognitive psychology, coupled with clinical and non-clinical observations, expansions of the first cognitive model have brought in the information-processing bias, dysfunctional beliefs, cognitive distortions, as well as automatic thoughts in successive stages.
The initial stage model identified traumatic experiences at an early stage including development of dysfunctional beliefs as congruent stressors and precipitating events for later life depression (Auerbach & Webb et al., 2013). With the scientific research on the topic of the cognitive model of depression it is possible to sketch a likely neurochemical and genetic pathway, which interacts or is parallel to cognitive variables. Genetic polymorphism is linked to a hypersensitive amygdale as well as a pattern of dysfunctional beliefs and cognitive biases (Iddon & Grant, 2013). These constitute depression’s risk factors. In studies that involve DSH (deliberate self-harm) like self-injury and intentional self-poisoning, there exists a strong link between suicide and DSH. Clinical proof exists in these cases that link brief CBT or psychological therapy with reduction in DSH repetition as reducing levels of suicidal ideation, hopelessness, and depression.
Cognitive behavioral therapy abbreviated as CBT is an approach, which is psychotherapeutic in addressing cognitive contents and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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