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Work Based Counselling - Essay Example

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Academics teach us a great many subjects, broadly in terms of marketing as we reach the customers, finance and accounts as we count each and every penny earned and spent, and information technology as we use the advancements of technologies to ease our work process and computerize the routine tasks…
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Work Based Counselling
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Download file to see previous pages The ultimate aim of this umbrella is to teach the future managers on how to tackle employees, their issues, and have them effectively resolved to keep them motivated, and to otherwise also keep them motivated in terms of remuneration, rewards, bonuses, promotions, increments, packages, and so on. Ultimately it all leads to retention of employees in a productive manner.
Retaining employees in an essentially productive manner rather than a mere working form has been a major challenge for various firms belonging to different sectors and industries, according to Torrington (2007). There are many reasons for this; firstly, employee retention in itself is a major issue, particularly with the booming economy in the recent past, job-switching has been very common. Secondly, productive employees were even most difficult to retain as competitors would take them off for the ride. Most importantly, the switching employees would truly impact the morale of the current employees as they would also start looking out for further opportunities and productivity would suffer. This scenario, as described, was primarily in the ages of boom that expired very recently; of late, the tables have turned the other way around. With the global economy moving deeper and deeper into the recessionary mode, unemployment and inflation both giving a tough time to the global economists, managers find it hard to keep employees motivated and to have their performance up to the mark. Torrington (2007) states that the reasoning is simple, and Effron (2003) supports the same that is with no hiring and job-cut being a routine in various organizations in the UK and the US, primarily, the employees within the organization are faced with fear leading to de-motivation and ultimately affecting their performance in the organization. Fear is defined in psychology as an impact that can deteriorated a person's routine to as much of an extent as it can demolish it all, and this fear comes from the threat that under performing can actually lead to the person being next in the firing list. Researchers have always proved that employee motivation is always directly proportional to the performance till a threshold point is reached, and the fact that negative reinforcement is very much of an obsolete phenomenon today, though there are exceptions. However, various authors debate against this concern, for instance Armstrong (2006), Torrington (2007), and Stewart (2006) state that this direct proportionality is not always valid i.e. between motivation and performance and after a certain point, adding motivation becomes less effective and performance decline for the fact that employees take it for granted and assume that lapse in performance shall be assumed to be a requirement for adding motivation.
What is Counseling
Defining Counseling
Counseling can be defined, in terms of De Board (1983) or Nathan (1992) as a therapy, in a non-scientific manner where a therapist (or counsel or even a doctor) cures the patient through verbal medicine that is talking with the patient about the on-going issues and concerns, and making them feel better by sharing the issues that are going on, and then moving towards solving those issues by proposing simple solutions. At times also taken in the meaning of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Work Based Counselling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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